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Energy management

Energy Management is the process that enables companies to manage and control energy in a similar manner to any other expensive company resource. We provide a range of energy management activities.
Energy surveys
  • Walk through surveys, detailed surveys, Carbon Trust surveys
  •         Feasibility studies and technical investigations
  •         Identification and evaluation of savings opportunities
  •        Specialist in high temperature manufacturing applications



Energy management programmes


  • A long term programme of support to identify and implement energy saving opportunities, with a focus both on housekeeping and projects requiring capital investment.
  • The programme will incorporate many of the activities in the preceding sections.
  • Long term sustainable focus-main benefits are reduced energy consumption and costs and meeting the requirements of legislation.

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Energy policy and strategic development


  • Production of policy statements, goals and objectives.
  • Definition of an energy management system.
  • Development of energy plans to ensure that the goals and objectives are achieved.





Energy management training


  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Data outputs and reporting
  • Roles and responsbilities- energy champion, improvement team, review group
  • M&T and accountability for consumption
  • Energy awareness.