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Welcome to OEC website


We are a newly established company run by an energy consultant with extensive engineering knowledge and background. He has over 28 years of experiences working in high temperature manufacturing industries as well as in the provision of consultancy services at a global level to a range of industries including food & drink and supermarket sectors. 



Reasons to use energy management


Climate change 


More and more manufacturers and retailers are increasingly recognising the impact of climate change on their business and the environment. Energy is deemed to be the largest and the most strategic part in making positive change.   This has led to many organisations incorporating energy or carbon management into the business process as a means to improve their own performance and help the environment in a long term sustainable manner. 


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Rising energy prices


Rising energy prices, global economic downturn and the emergence of emissions trading schemes have added to the impetus to manage energy in an effective manner.



Key issues for companies considering this approach are who has the right expertise to support us, who can also manage the programme for us, how can we ensure staff buy-in, how can we ensure that our programme meets regulatory requirements, and how can we assess the environmental and financial benefits.


Thorough and affordable: Reasons to choose us


OEC has solutions for the issues identified above.  We focus on efficiency of usage of energy as well as costs reductions. This means that we address the development of people and their role in energy management, in addition to monitoring systems and the implementation of technical solutions.  We like to work very closely with our clients as this means that we can transfer our energy saving skills and experience in the most effective manner.






Ø      Iron and steel- integrated work and mini mills 

Ø       Foundries – ferrous and non-ferrous

Ø      Glass – containers, flat glass, speciality glass, frits

Ø       Cement and lime

Ø       Ceramics

Ø       General manufacturing and engineering

Ø       Food – bakeries, cereals, snacks, fast food  

Ø       Beverage

Ø       Supermarkets