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What is carbon management  ?    
Carbon management is a systematic, organisation-wide approach to reducing carbon emissions, integrating the technical, regulatory, financial, corporate governance and communications aspects within an overarching strategy and plan of action.  Its principal aim is to help a client adapt to an increasingly carbon-constrained economy.  An effective carbon management approach will seek to define and maximise strategic opportunities as well as develop a tactical plan to limit liabilities.
Carbon Management is a five-step process with impacts at all levels throughout an organisation.  As it is a largely strategic process, strong leadership from senior management is essential.
Carbon management programme 
  • Reducing energy consumption and associated costs, addressing many of the issues identified in the preceding sections

  • Reducing CO2 emissions associated with other sources such as  transport, staff travel, process emissions and refrigerants

  • Mitigation of the future cost of climate change legislation

  • Development of a comprehensive carbon management strategy incorporating renewables, green purchasing, off-setting, emissions trading, etc as appropriate     


Energy and carbon management scoping studies
  • Evaluation of carbon footprint

  • Identification of the key drivers for proceeding with an energy or carbon management programme

  • Evaluation of the benefits of implementing an energy/carbon management programme along with an estimate of the costs and resources required

  • A detailed description of a full energy/carbon management programme and how to apply it

  • Definition of a timetable for implementation of the project